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JP-S62245323-A: Customer operating device patent, JP-S62246114-A: Production of thin film magnetic head patent, JP-S62246264-A: Electrode material for fuel cell and its manufacture patent, JP-S62246462-A: Set up attitude display method patent, JP-S62247475-A: Graphic display system patent, JP-S62248200-A: Self-correcting semiconductor memory device patent, JP-S62248849-A: Air-fuel ratio controller for engine patent, JP-S62248925-A: Automatic cooking apparatus patent, JP-S62250869-A: Switching regulator patent, JP-S62251731-A: Adaptor for taking medical photograph patent, JP-S62251922-A: Set value operating device patent, JP-S62254507-A: Amplifier circuit patent, JP-S62255060-A: Swingingly grinding device patent, JP-S62256807-A: Production of acrylonitrile polymer patent, JP-S62259977-A: Scaffold-less installing device for elevator patent, JP-S62261457-A: Static recorder patent, JP-S62262462-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-S62265484-A: Rolling piston type compressor patent, JP-S62265811-A: Latch circuit patent, JP-S6226599-A: Communication system for fluid control valve patent, JP-S62266106-A: Hollow yarn filter module patent, JP-S62266631-A: Address book preparing system for document preparing device patent, JP-S62268119-A: Carbon paste electrode patent, JP-S62268454-A: Mounting structure of creeping gutter supporter for foled block roof patent, JP-S62268754-A: Tractor with cabin patent, JP-S62270474-A: Material for rumbling-preventive coating layer containing bitumen or mixture comprising bitumen and plastic and porousfiller and manufacture said layer patent, JP-S62271922-A: Exhaust heat recovery device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-S62272047-A: Preventive maintaining system for air conditioner patent, JP-S62273282-A: Silicon compound stabilizer and organic polymer stabilizing composition patent, JP-S62273706-A: Multistage chip coil patent, JP-S62275013-A: Treatment of contaminated chlorosilane patent, JP-S62276769-A: Stop construction of wire patent, JP-S62276914-A: Electric signal transfer element patent, JP-S62277404-A: Polymerization of vinyl monomer patent, JP-S62278908-A: Seeder for mulching culture patent, JP-S62279104-A: Pneumatic tire patent, JP-S62279706-A: Two-way directive type horn antenna system patent, JP-S6228087-A: Metallic stopper for linking hard member patent, JP-S62281323-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S62281456-A: Cooling device for semiconductor chop patent, JP-S62282353-A: Data transfer equipment patent, JP-S62282886-A: Module type manipulator patent, JP-S62283389-A: Manufacture of liquid crystal display unit patent, JP-S62285614-A: Oil feeder for installation of oil-filled power cable patent, JP-S62286752-A: Character pattern alteration circuit in dot printer patent, JP-S6228756-A: Photosensitive body patent, JP-S62288046-A: Ink jet recording apparatus patent, JP-S62288155-A: Limy refractory composition patent, JP-S62288470-A: Clean refrigerator patent, JP-S62289106-A: Reaping height controller in combine patent, JP-S6228954-A: Control method for video tape recorder patent, JP-S62289635-A: Composite processed yarn and its production patent, JP-S6229149-A: Window cap patent, JP-S62293709-A: Chip capacitor patent, JP-S62294661-A: Pyridylcyclopropanecarboximides and organic and inorganic salts tolerant to their fungicides patent, JP-S62294885-A: Method of washing cendenser patent, JP-S62294991-A: Powder and grain sensor patent, JP-S62295259-A: Storing and holding device for disk tray patent, JP-S62295292-A: Front shutter opening/closing device patent, JP-S62295393-A: Thin film el light emitting device patent, JP-S62295475-A: Laser apparatus patent, JP-S62296516-A: X-ray exposure device patent, JP-S62297455-A: Surface treatment of aluminum or aluminum alloy for providing wear resistance patent, JP-S62297698-A: Protective mechanism of special car patent, JP-S6229785-A: Scroll type fluid machine patent, JP-S62298080-A: Magnetic bubble memory element patent, JP-S62298218-A: Logic circuit patent, JP-S62298696-A: Fan patent, JP-S62299882-A: Lead fixing construction for display panel patent, JP-S623023-A: Coating treatment of by-produced ferrite patent, JP-S6230313-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S6230873-A: Evaporating source housing device for batch-operated vacuum deposition device patent, JP-S6230955-A: Detector for rotor contact position patent, JP-S6231503-A: Pneumatic tire patent, JP-S6232261-A: Internal combustion engine controller patent, JP-S6232371-A: Period comparing circuit patent, JP-S6232842-A: Production of semifermented green tea by far infrared ray patent, JP-S6233084-A: Production for metallic pipe having big spring back patent, JP-S6234015-A: Apparatus for weighing grain patent, JP-S6234599-A: Water feeder of dehydration rinsing machine patent, JP-S6234982-A: Detection of position of sticking carbon on wall surface of coke oven patent, JP-S6236863-A: Hetero junction bipolar semiconductor device and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S6237048-A: Voice coil motor patent, JP-S6237662-A: Refrigerator patent, JP-S6238146-A: Selective excitation of volume in matter patent, JP-S6239614-A: Surface protecting material patent, JP-S6240143-A: Dot-matrix fluorescent character display tube patent, JP-S6240794-A: Part detection by reflow bonding chip patent, JP-S6240919-A: Plate width control method for hot continuous rough rolling mill patent, JP-S6240973-A: Cooling device for arc saw patent, JP-S624113-A: Feed gear for flexible platelike work patent, JP-S624134-A: Carrier extracting device patent, JP-S6241490-A: Reusable heat-resistant protective member receiving high heating patent, JP-S6242095-A: Boiling water type reactor patent, JP-S6242269-A: Centralized monitor system for automatic teller machine patent, JP-S6244040-A: Electric motor patent, JP-S6245032-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S624646-A: Control device of continuously variable speed change gear patent, JP-S6249440-A: Carry generating circuit patent, JP-S62500079-A: patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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